All of Dave’s music catalog is available in digital format.

Dave’s most recent 3 titles are available in CD format.

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$16 each which includes shipping and handling. 

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As Long As We Get There (2017)

Best That I Can (2011)

Manchester Mornings (2005)

Best That I Can

  • You’re Like Monday Morning
  • Angel From Montgomery
  • Somewhere Far Away
  • Loretta
  • Holy Roller, Holly Man
  • Lorraine
  • More Than Just a Name
  • Elvis Presley Blues
  • Best That I Can
  • Intro
  • Opening Day!
  • Intro
  • Catfish
  • Intro
  • Strass (No Hit Wonder)
  • Roll on Mighty River
  • Embers of Love
  • Fallen in Love
  • Manchester Mornings
  • Talkin’ Antrim Blues
  • Beautiful That is Real
  • Chicago Town
  • If I Could
  • Angel Child
  • Folksinger’s Life

Manchester Mornings

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